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Mike Cerveni sings out against Domestic Violence in this heart touching song.

Mike Cerveni, singer/song writer from Ontario, Canada has announced his next up coming single speaking out against domestic violence called “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?:”, he is also holding an event for this cause.

The event is being held at the capitol theater on June 13th.

You can find out more info, contact Mike on his Facebook page

and see more information and listen to a sneak peak of Mike’s song, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? here.

Easter Weekend special :) – You can download Mike’s

album for only $5 plus it includes the official music

video for “Right Now”. Get yours now at


Remember, Mike has been working on an event to support the fight against domestic violence, he has given so much to this cause simply out of the kindness and compassion in his heart!  He also just recently got married, lets show him our gratitude and support! I have this CD and every song on it is incredible! He is very gifted , his music is amazing!


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