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The Poetry of Fragrance line of Candles by Andrea Schroder is now available at Hallmark Stores!

Andrea is an avid gardener, homemaker, and belongs to various charities supporting children.   Andrea created these pure organic coconut oil candles that burn clean with all natural oils that are not too overpowering and they will enhance your home and mood.

Each candle is hand pored and packaged with a poem from her grandmother.


A Man With No Home.

via A Man With No Home.


A cool new show called Starting Strong.  It’s directed by my

favorite actor/director, Ricky Schroder.  It’s a really great,

inspiring and interesting reality show.

it airs on Fox every Sunday night , air times:

  • NEW YORK 6:30amEDT                                        
  • DETROIT 5:30amEDT   
  • ORLANDO 5:30amEDT 
  • AUSTIN 9:00amEDT/8:00amCDT
  • LOS ANGELES 9:30amEDT/6:30aPDT
  • BOSTON 10:00amEDT
  • MEMPHIS 10:30amEDT/9:30amCDT  
  • DALLAS/FORT WORTH 11:00amEDT/10:00amCDT
  • ATLANTA 11:00amEDT 
  • CHICAGO 11:00amEDT/10:00amCDT
  • TAMPA-ST PETE 11:00amEDT    
  • PHOENIX 12:00pmEDT/9:00amMDT


Easter Weekend special :) – You can download Mike’s

album for only $5 plus it includes the official music

video for “Right Now”. Get yours now at


Remember, Mike has been working on an event to support the fight against domestic violence, he has given so much to this cause simply out of the kindness and compassion in his heart!  He also just recently got married, lets show him our gratitude and support! I have this CD and every song on it is incredible! He is very gifted , his music is amazing!


The world you know