Tell Congress to crush the demand for ivory

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The U.S. is about to destroy six tons of ivory to send the message to poachers:

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November 2013

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Dear Kim,

On Thursday, nearly six tons of elephant ivory will be crushed into gravel at a secure U.S. Fish & Wildlife site in Denver.

Hundreds of elephants were killed for those six tons of illegal ivory. It’s too late to help them, but it’s not too late for you to help the rest of the world’s elephants.

There are fewer than half the number of elephants in the world than there were 50 years ago. With roughly 30,000 wild elephants being poached every year, there is no time to waste.

By destroying its stockpile of seized illegal ivory, the United States is sending a strong signal to the rest of the world.

But we need the U.S. government to take further action.

IFAW and a coalition of conservation organizations are calling on the United States to reinforce its commitment to protect elephants and other imperiled wildlife. We need you to ask your members of Congress to:

  • Support new and enhanced efforts to help protect elephants from heavily armed poachers.
  • Crack down on the organized crime syndicates behind the ivory trade.
  • Crush the demand for illegal wildlife products, by declaring all ivory off-limits for trade.

Help us get the message across. Please send a message to your members of Congress today, urging them to support a future for wild elephants.

The fact is the United States is one of the biggest markets in the world for ivory and other wildlife products. Each piece of ivory – every tusk, trinket and souvenir – being destroyed in Denver was seized right here in the United States. Those six tons highlight the unwitting impact that many Americans have on fueling the slaughter of wild elephants across Asia and Africa when they buy ivory. Loopholes in the law make it nearly impossible to enforce, particularly once ivory is smuggled past our borders.

Elephants need you to speak for them. Tell your members of Congress to do all they can to protect wild elephants and stop the ivory trade.

The U.S. has long been a global conservation leader. We must do all we can to halt the ivory trade that is decimating wild elephant populations, taking the lives of rangers on the front line, destabilizing local communities and national economies, and feeding political instability.

Please, help tip the balance in favor of wild elephants, starting with this one simple action. Tell your members of Congress to support programs to end wildlife trafficking and enact a moratorium on ivory sales in the U.S.

We have a chance to make a real difference for these amazing animals, but we need your help to spur our elected officials to action.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Flocken Jeffrey Flocken signatureJeffrey Flocken
IFAW Regional Director, North America

P.S.: It will take just a moment to help save elephants. Please let Congress know that wildlife trafficking has to end.

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Put an end to poaching

Tell your members of Congress to fight against wildlife trafficking.


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