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This is a great place to start petitions or show your support and make a difference by signing petitions and sharing with others.


It’s so awesome to share both online and with friends and family that these petitions and all of the people who decided not to ignore it when they receive a request to get involved success stories like this.  To be able to actually see it isn’t a waste of time and that we are all making a difference, to have that proof is very important when trying to get others involved.  I don’t think there are many who choose not to bother out of lack of concern but most probably just look at it like it’s not going to make a difference and think many who give there time to these causes are being given false hope, i think i even used to think that way.  So why bother getting all passionate and emotional to see failure and to have nothing change?  That’s very painful for those of use who care, to try so hard to save them, yet watch as they continue to suffer.  Fortunately, all though many are still suffering, we are making a difference and social networking has made it much easier to share and join causes, as well, social networking has exposed many things going on that most of us may not have even been aware of!

Don’t get me wrong, these wolves are dying at an alarming rate and there is still quite a fight ahead of everyone to save them…..SO LETS SAVE THESE WOLVES!


WE– (YOU)– HAVE SURPASSED 100,000 IN MEMBERS ON GOOD WOLF CAUSE!!! for the wolves, forever…. | GOOD WOLF |

WE-- (YOU)-- HAVE SURPASSED 100,000 IN MEMBERS ON GOOD WOLF CAUSE!!! for the wolves, forever.... | GOOD WOLF |

Tell Canada to Halt the Polar Bear Trade – The Petition Site.

An amazing fact about the Polar Bears;

Did you know that because of Global Warming resulting in lack of food for these animals, when polar bear is eating and another hungry bear approaches, the polar with the food will actually invite its guest to take part in sharing his meal by touching nose to nose for a moment first, then both bears chow down together!

Animals aren’t intelligent? Really? They seem to be becoming more and more resourceful because of the constant threat and destruction of their environments and habitats by humans!

Tell Canada to Halt the Polar Bear Trade - The Petition Site


Avaaz – Stand with the Amazon’s people — send a support message.

..please feel free to visit and share it with as many people as you can.

i will share this cause as well!

i am very passionate about big cats, they are one on God most AWESOME CREATIONS in my opinion!

Avaaz - Stand with the Amazon's people -- send a support message

Global solidarity is critical fuel to the fire of resistance of the brave indigenous communities who are protecting mother earth and their way of life. Let’s write messages to show that people across the world are standing with them, and what their struggle means to us. 

Then share this campaign far and wide via the Facebook, Twitter and Email tools below! When 1 million people sign, we’ll build a media storm to force Correa to pull bac


HSI: Stop Wildlife Abuse

HSI: Stop Wildlife Abuse.

2 Days Left To Help Save African Lions From Extinction
Practice Science-Based Wolf Management The African lion is in serious danger, with their population dropping by nearly half during the past 30 years. Yet despite this drastic decline, the number of lion trophy imports continues to grow, with the United States as the largest importer. If action isn’t taken soon, this magnificent species will face extinction.

That’s why Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States, in collaboration with other organizations, asked the U.S. Department of Interior to list the African lion as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

The clock is ticking for African lions: we only have until Friday, January 25th.